new day new opportunities

new day new opportunities

I would like first thank me for having the itch to making things better in my everyday existence. Second, I appreciate the emails Dean along w/ the videos. Very helpful in my opinion. I'm just a few chapters into the book and it has can I say..making my mouth water. At this point I'm putting together the team, broker/agent, contractor, and CPA. Also, making arrangements to do some more networking.

I appreciate the extra time and effort by everyone.. there's plenty of info to keep me'll be hearing from me..

Make the most of your day my fellow students=)



Real good place to start by forming your team. All too many times students get caught up into making a deal and then scurry to find a lawyer,accountant, rehab guy etc.
Some other advice would be to join a REI club so you can start to network with other investors. Great place to be and ask questions to your peers who are trying to do the same thing.
You don't have to take giant steps, but you do have to take action at one point or another. Stay on this site and absorb the knowledge that is free for the taking. Ask questions always via a posting just like this one. There will always be answers for you from this great site and it's members. Much luck to your new life....Jan

It is The Place To Be Right Now

Great bio Marcos, well said. Like many of us, Dean's words keep echoing in our heart that we have the ability to be successful in real estate, because he did at a young age. Marcos, welcome to the DG family, we look forward to following your success in real estate. The books will open your eyes to a whole new world. You are already using your tools by putting your team together. The information you will find on site is priceless and numerous to say the least. Continue to absorb and very soon you will be ready to expel. God Bless.



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