2nd posting on Our Real Estate Challenges

2nd posting on Our Real Estate Challenges

Well I think I named our subject appropriately. Seems like we take 1 step forward and two backward. As I stated in my original posting we put in an offer on a house that needed a LOT of work. That being the case we submitted a really low offer. Our realtor was given the listing and at the time of our offer, she hadn't determined the listing price yet. Well come to find out, she listed the house higher than what she told us it would sell for. The bank has asked for an extension which we gave, but now they're sitting on it - no doubt waiting for a better offer.

We're going on week #2 and still no calls from sellers on our ad in our local paper or our flyers. We were told that if we put bandit signs out we could be fined $80 each if we're caught, so we're still thinking on that. I placed 2 ads on Craigslist last night and neither one of them appeared. I've got to research why.

Thanks to all your posts with suggestions and encouragement, we're not letting this stop us. It's just one more bump in the road to success, and we're determined to succeed.

Jean & Merlyn


Bandit signs

They also fine you in clarksville TN. I put my signs out after 4.30 on Fridays and pick them up before 7 o;clock on Mondays. I love a 3 day weekend, It gives me a extra day. Hope this helps.





Sometimes CL is a hit or miss. My advice is to keep updating your ad at least every 3 or 4 days. We have had great luck with them, so keep trying...Jan

jean and merlyn

yes i am sure when you look at your post on cl or when you log into your acct on cl you will no doubt see why it didnt show up.could be a # of reasons.if u still cant figure itt out pm me and i will give u my cell to help walk you through it ok? and DONT give up.when u learn your mistake u will say OH THAT WAS EASY!! just keep pluggin and it WILL get easier !! keep asking questions and you WILL find the answers here!!

ps:as for the offer give a deadline on the offer so they cant shop the offer .
also let them know u r making MULTIPLE offers on many more properties and u WILL move on to the next. or state that if they will not accept your offer then leave your # if they change mind in future.


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REI groups, online communities

Jean and Merlyn, might check your local investor groups to see if they have websites or daily email blasts for RE listings. If you attend their meetings, bring plenty of flyers about your prop to pass out.

Also try posting on investor e-communities like the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Best of luck!


Bandit signs

Randy that's a great idea. We'll give it a try. Thanks much.


I finally figured it out. I had put the ad under "housing wanted" and they moved it to "real estate wanted". I received an e-mail from them yesterday after I wrote my post and they told me what they did. Thanks for the help tho.

I told the RE agent that this was our last extension. We would love to have this property, but we are prepared to move on to others.


Thanks, I'll check them out.