Where to start

Where to start


I just started reading Profit from real estate book and i dont know where to start. This is all new to me. I will take all the help i can get. I cant wait to get started


success academy

I truly believe in the success academy. I spent every dime I had on them It was the best money I have every spent. The coaches and material is priceless. I have closed 20 deals with 0 down. I had just lost my job and filed bankruptcy. I hope this helps a little.




thanks for the info. im

thanks for the info. im about to go sign up know

read and reread

The best advice I can give is to read and reread the books. Learn it, understand it, live it. Consider it your real estate bible. I have mine tabbed and I take it everywhere with me. Stay connected to the DG family, there is a wealth of knowledge on this site, from Dean's blogs and training videos to people who are actively buying and selling real estate. An abundance of the questions you may have are in the FAQ's so check there as well.

I also plan on joining the success academy. From everything I hear about it, it is well worth the money.

Best wishes and Happy hunting.


The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary! Author Unknown

Success is my only option, failures not! Eminem

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! Vince Lombardi

Success Acamady

IF you get a little time you can go and click on members journal and read my post. It tells a lot more of what I went though and what the success acamady did for me. Even though I have several deals under my belt I still use the coursework and coaches on dean's hot-line. Even though I had been a past in-specter and in construction my whole life, the info I received though the acamady was priceless. If I can every be any help Just let me and good luck.





The only thing I can add is to stay on this site. Read all the posts and go back into the the Whats New portion where you will find posts for just about anything that has to due with REI. You might want to consider joining a REI club in your area also to start networking with other investors also. Good luck...Jan

Join's Dean's Success Academy - PMI Member discount transfer !

I joined Dean's Success Academy a little while back and have had success with their coaches and great resources. I started a new sales career that will not allow me to finish the program in the alloted time but I still plan on using what I have learned and the coaching program in the next year.

I was told by PMI that I could pass a savings along to another member of Dean's Program that would like me to transfer my membership to the new student/investor. I paid over $7000 for the material and courses and was told by PMI that I could transfer to a new member and they would get the entire program as new at a great discount being that I can't utilize it the way I have been in the past. I would love to see someone get the enjoyment and knowledge I did at a much lower cost.

If anyone is interested in joining the program for $3500,it's 50% of what I joined the same program for. Basically over the phone, they would have both parties present and simply delete my information and add the new members information to the program just as if they joined directly but in this case at a lower cost. I paid with a credit card so they could simply swith the remaining balance to a new one or I could pay it off cash and transfer in your name.

Either way, I have a few folks interested but wanted to be sure I offer this opportunity to someone as motivated as I am and truly wants to take advantage of the program as I did, they are so great to work with.


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