Beat The Clock; Testimony To Increase

Beat The Clock; Testimony To Increase

There are individuals whom may profit from my sharing, however as I type I direct this missive to anyone who may gain from my wording. Everything I type I am currently living and experiencing myself to the inner core of my being. Thank you Dean once again before I begin! Procrastination can be a huge problem in discovering and living your purpose. Many people say, "I'll begin tomorrow." For those people, tomorrrow comes but means nothing. Some people seem to think that others have more time than they do, but this is a fallacy. We all have 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, an average of 730 hours a month, and 8,760 hours a year-no more, no less. Time does not discriminate. The reason it seems that others have more time is that they have learned to manage it better and they have learned that procrastination is the death of plans. May I share that Dean's information on how to find the perfect Real Estate agent has been extremely powerful for me. After what seems like forever it appears as if I have found two solid hard money lenders who are waiting for me to "feed them" the great deals I am sure to find. I have recorded so far 23 properties in my area that are silently screaming for my initial purchase. I intend to keep everyone abreast to my forward progress. I predict that when I do start to make power moves that I am going to do exceptionally well. My reasoning? Everything is based on due diligence, personal initiative, going the extra mile and acting with a positive mental attitude. May I add that I pray for all of you who are on your way to the riches that you are guaranteed, because our victory is assured. Thank you for taking time to read what has been written. May God Bless you all that walk by faith and not by sight!


Willingness to Share One's Blessings:

I am a proponent of Napoleon Hill, the author of a book called "Think and Grow Rich". For quite some time I had no idea how long it would take me to place the salient points of this literature in application in my own life. I noticed that in the working environment that I have been in that co-workers or colleagues would look at me in askance when I would relentlessly apply the principles of sharing my blessings, almost to the point that I would begin to doubt myself. What I mean to say is after many days of feeling discouraged that I am now finding my niche permanently. With that stated, let me quote what Mr. Hill has to say in in why and how we share our blessing to create greater good in the world for all to experience. "She or He who has not leaned the blessed art of sharing has not learned the true path of happiness, for happiness comes only by sharing. And let it be forever remembered that all riches may be embellished and multiplied by the simple process of sharing them where they may serve others. And let it be remembered that the space one occupies in the hearts of their neighbors is determined precisely by the service one renders through some form of sharing one's blessings. Riches which are not shared, whether they they be material riches or intangibles, wither and die like the rose on a severed stem, for it is one of Nature's first laws that inaction and disuse lead to decay and death, and this law applies to the material possessions of men and women just as it applies to the living cells of every physical body. When one finds their Labor of Love you will find that then and only then, that defeat is always only temporary. Everyone that has associated with Dean is a winner. The point is when will you believe this yourself and act out of that belief. In a humble way I hope and pray that someone will be inspired as I am. Thank you.

Doing all this for the right reason

Very well said. Thank you

Vincent(footsoldier for Jesus)


AS the good book tells us, A MAN IS WHAT HE THINKS, HE IS. proverbs.
BE glad and greatful when you awake in the morning, to see His creations,
give HIM PRAISE. Do all you can today, yesterday is gone. tomorrow may




Thank you

Thanking you for your largesse.

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