Thanks To Everyone

Thanks To Everyone

I am not along like some of you GREAT PEOPLE. But one thing I can say is thanks for consistantly inspiring me to achieve my much desired goals and objectives to becoming the Number #1 Real Estate Guru in my town. My mental preparation is the greatest key to my becoming a hitter home run king. Since I have studied real estate for so many years, I now possess the patience to let my success come to me while helping others achieve their aims as well. Thanks again to the many I may never meet, but nonetheless, I feel emotively your combined GOOD WILL. Thank You for reading . Have a Great Day All Of You!



Hang in there. Good to know you have the patience thats necessary ingredient to be successful in this business. I notice that everybody who succeed in DG posses that kind of attitude. All we need to do is duplicate. Blessings to you. LA


Everytime you repeat the words "I CAN DO IT" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unafraid. -Brian Tracy-

Keep Up pushing

and it will come. That's the greatest by product of this real estate investing journey, the personal growth. We have to grow as a person and build character to be able to handle the amount of success we can have on this journey. That is the most important strategy Dean teach us. Stay plug in and start working at the level you are right now and build from there. Realize all the assets you posses besides cash or credit.

I will see you at the top.



Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Prov. 16:3

"I am talented. I am creative. I am greatley favor by God. I am equipped. I am
well able. I will see my dreams come to pass."

Joel Austin

One Day at a Time...

Just keep attacking each task and deal one day at a time. It does take time effort and education, but it feels sooo got when you get where you want to and you know you've earned it!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.