Find Yourself, Find Happiness

Find Yourself, Find Happiness

I know more than likely few will read this post. However, I feel compelled to share. I am so motivated by all the great people out there. I get off on reading how many people are doing so well in achieving their real estate objectives. However, this is not for the individual whom has has it so all together, but for the REI who believes they are "lost in the sauce". I am finding that so much of being successful in real estate has to do with starting with nothing and becoming fully focused by self initiative and going the extra-mile and going another mile and then many more miles to get where you need to be at regardless what so-called friends and family say to bring you down. At this stag I find myself at now, I am so looking forward to sharing every detail within reason of how I am going to be doing each deal. I am anticipating being able to review my posts at a later date. "The essence of philosophy is that a Man or Woman should so live that their happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things"-Epictetus. In your pursuit of happiness, consider the following tips: Surround yourself with happy people,* Look for uncomplicated pleasures like a walk in the woods, a hay ride or window shopping, * Read a book of poetry, uplifting quotes, or positive stories, * Give someone something (a flower, candy, a book, etc.), * Listen to your favorite music, * Go to a museum, library, gallery, or bookstore to expand your horizons, * Cook something that you love...just for you, * Take a calculated risk that forces you to be BRAVE, * Do something totally positive that will compel you to develop character. I leave you with this...Benjamin Franklin once stated...the U.S. Constitution offers you the pursuit of happiness not the acquisition of it without application of action toward a goal with single minded purpose... Study real estate, but KNOW that only you can give yourself all that you need from within out! Definiteness of Purpose can, and should , so occupy the mind, that one has NO TIME or SPACE in the mind for thoughts of failure-Napoleon Hill. Thank you for reading...


Find Yourself, Find Happiness

Thanks for those words, they struck a cord in me as I struggle with my wife who is very negative towards my persuit of real estate investing. I love my wife but she is not supportive of what I am doing and just can't wait to say "I told you so." Her words to me were, "show me someone who is doing this with "no money down" in OUR area. Others may be doing this but not around here. I need those words of encouragement to get off first base but I am bound an determined to show everyone that it can be done.

I will help you.

If i help you do you think she will leave you alone? I don't think so.Sucessful people get that way by doing the same thing over and over again and modifying it again and again until they need to change it again because the marketplace changed again.

Let me know were your market place is and I will help you put together a deal. Are you willing to put the effort into gathering info and talking to people?

By the way tell your wife I purchased a condo in 6 hours with no money down. I offered the owner $60,000 for the unit a month prior and the owner wouldn't except, not enough money. One month later he called complaining that no one showed up for appointments,didn't have money. Complaint, complaint. Lots of pain. I had nothing to loose so I asked if he would hold the mortgage$60,000 the amount he would except a month ago . If he would I could close today and I did. I sold that condo 78 days later and profited $13,000 and bought the 3 family house next door.
Talk to you later