Jimmy"s life is finally going to change 4-24-2010

Jimmy"s life is finally going to change 4-24-2010

Hi there everyone from dg, family Im going to keep you posted on my journey to a new life.Just briefley this is where I stand financially bank accounts -$300 gas bills over $800.00 pass due electrict $200.00 pass due
and living back with the folks and im 41 will be 42 on may 6th.
Now my new life is going to start today I have "we buy houses signs" in the intersection on busy streets at the lights.Also have a ghost sign "home 4 sale 3 bd 2 ba close quickly" tomorrow Im going to get flyers made up and im going to pass them out but where do I pass them out to "I need the dg. families help please help me thanks.next I have no end buyers so if some one calls me what do I do next I need your help please thanks.and if any one else can give me more ideas on finding buyers and sellers please let me know.P.s im also a realtor but never been an investor also im from Livonia, Michigan any one want to network with me im very motivated and will give 110% guaranteed cooperation lets start doing deals together well thats it for now will keep you posted every night thanks for listening.P.S when my life is totally changed im going to show how I do my deals with every one so they too can change there lives take care Jimmy.


Well Jimmy

Welcome to the DG family first of all and you have already started your life on the right track by posting here with your extended family. As for finding buyers try finding a real estate investors club in your area to attend. You should be able to find investors/buyers there. Try placing ads in the local paper and online. You can also check on this site in the search column on the left under How-To's and Articles. I remember a post of 80 ways to find a buyer(not exactly sure of the number but you get the idea).

Looking forward to seeing a post from you in the near future on your success.

Stay Focus

Stay Focused Jimmy. Do not get distructed nor frustrated about all the naysayers and negative people. Suround yourself with likeminded people like joining a REI Club, this site, etc.

Try finding your buyers in Craigslist. Landlords are also buyers because they buy properties every now and then to expand there rental business. Rehabbers are great buyers, property management companies can help you find Landlords and Rehabbers that are active in buying or the company themselves can also be a buyer.

Just be patient. This is a numbers game. The more you call, the more you list, the more confident you become. If you have the book with you, Dean wrote some examples about the scripts to give us an idea. Use them, modify them, create your own to make you feel at ease. Don't ever feel embarassed or frustrated if they say NO to you. Go on to the next. Blessings to all. LA


Everytime you repeat the words "I CAN DO IT" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unafraid. -Brian Tracy-

Jimmy's life is going to change 04-24-2010

I want to thank Notchout for listening to me and thanks for your advice I like to see people really giving some great advice "it really touches my heart" I cant wait until im the person that can give the help like you given to me, Notchot.
I didn't get any calls yet from my setting up my bandit signs and Im not going to get upset because before you know it the phone will ring and ring!!!!!!!!! Today I set up a virtual phone secretary let me know if this is something I really should get involved with.Monday I will get my buisness cards set up can anyone reccomend what to say on my buisness cards I will take your advice from the pro"s. well got to get up early for church have a good night every one in the DG family.

Jimmy's life is going to change 04-26-10

well its late Tuesday morning and today the virtual secretary phone I didn't get any calls my bandit signs are there still on the telephone poles by the intersection.now tonight we bowl on Monday nights my highest game was 283 that's another story but when I was bowling I know I had a call from my bandit signs so im excited for tomorrow to see who called me tonight.

Also Im going to need some ones help and to give me some advice im really interested to get into the PROBATE part of realestate what do you reccomend to who I talk to and what kind of organization to call and what and where do I go to find the probate deals thanks again my DG family.
Intant message me any websites you would reccomend. THANKS Jim Crowley

Hey jimmy How are the APT

Hey jimmy
How are the APT deals your way. We are thinking of investing out your way;;;

Let me know

APT Deals

Hi there now I know what ARV,IS but I havn't herd the term APT IS let me know then I will give you a quick reponse back. "now I know when you tell me what it means im going to say " "dugh" like homer simpson. Now I work in the Livonia area of Michigan also Farmington hills, Northville,Bloomfield hills,Detroit etc. I would love to network with you let me know what I can do to help you and we can get some deals going your way.
I thinks this website is completely great when others help people out and visa versa.
SO let me know the areas you want me to research for also im a realtor to so I have access to the MLS at all times thanks Jim.

New Start

Hello All in DG world! I'm a newby here in the beautiful state of Colorado.
Jimmy, I feel you. I'm a 1968er as well looking to start anew. Just received
the books in the mail, taking a deep breath and ready to jump in--and let
God's grace handle the rest. I wish you all great success! Please keep me and my family in your prayers as well.

buyers list

Try looking for For Rent signs, ads find out who owns the property at county tax assessors site if they have lots of properties they are investors look on anywho.com get their phone number and call them. If no listed number write to them. Read the books to find out what to say. Keith Success be with you!
p.s. waiting by the phone doesn't work

Welcome to the DG family.

Welcome to the DG family. It's good to see your networking on the site. As you know I'm in Saginaw, Mi and we'll have to touch base on things you mentioned you seen come across in this area. I'm still trying to build a Buyer's list though. So, I'm not sure what can be worked out until I get that put together. I have received a couple calls off of my flyers. Still have to get ahold of the one and another was wanting Land contract, but my coach said to stay away from that. Hopefully we can work together soon. Talk to ya soon. Beth


Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. Hebrews 11:1

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