Here I go again.

Here I go again.

Hi My name is mike. I am a 23yr old out of westchester ny. So here is my story. Ever since I was little I wanted to own a building in NYC and line across from it. I have always been fanscinated by the city and love the skyline view. Luckliy my other obsession has always been money.

I have worked ever since I could charge my sister a dollar for getting her a soda from down stairs to doing her chores for an added on fee. My past businesses include a water stand (I guess when your a kid and people find you cute you can sell them anything.) Amway , and a couple do it yourself start ups. I have worked stacking logs with my dad when i was young , first real job stocking soda's, cvs then and now working at NYSC first as a personal trainer and now as the fitness manager.

So I started my educations in real estate with rich dad. The books were good and thats actually where I found dean and made the switch and boy am I glad. Although robert established my way of thinking dean gave me what I need to do my first deal. So last march I set a goal of 1 deal but march 2010 .

I got close to something in January but since I work in a gym all my free time went away so did feb. marcha nd april. So I sit here in may with a new goal. 1 deal done by June.

I lost a RE agent but got a new one who seems great . We go out Friday

more to come


Here I go again.

Go for it. Mike! I'm discovering that the key is to keep acting on your intent. I'm like you, I started with Rich Dad and am so happy that I've discovered Dean and this "family" of folks here.

I'm in Phoenix and just plugging away too but feel I'm on the verge of finally making a breakthrough. It's inspiring to read the journals of others who have struggled and worked hard and then been successful. Good luck, Sue


So I went out with teh real estate agent and my girl friend on friday. We met her at her office and she went through the properties and introduced herself . She said that if I wanted to work with her , I would have to sign a clause to be exclusive to her for 3 months. That worried me a bit, she would be my thrid real estate agent. She said though she could find me a property in 3 months. She also knows that I am an investor and looking for something I could rent our , lease or flip.

The first property was a mess. The drive up the hill it was on was terrible the road weren't ride enough to fit 2 cars by and it was steep and windy. The house was on a dead end. It looked great in the pictures and had a great view. The deck needed to be redone.You walked in and the master bedroom was on the right an dthe bathroom was on the left. The livingroom/kicthen wasn't so bad. It had nice high ceilings and a fire place with hardwood floors. The walls could be pressed in about an inch and it looked like the home owner did the work poorly. The basement was even worst . The property said it had 2 bed rooms. IT had 3 . One usable on the first floor and two in the basement were dungeons. The bottom floor also had a musty smell. We left quick.

The second house is in a nice area on a large lot with protected woods in the back. It too is on a dead end. The house has a huge deck that needs to be torn down and rebuild. You walk into the living room and the kicthen is right after. It has 3 bedrooms on the left. The kitchen needs to be redone. The bedrooms just painted and the living room carpeted.Also thier is a fake ceiling with leak spots. The fun part though. Apparenlty there is an illegal apartment down stairs. The former owner put a wall to hide it. It need to be totally redone down there. Alot of space though. There is again fake tiles with leak spots. I really like this home and need more info on 203k . There is offers on it so I have to learn quick.

The last house was another mess on a busy road in a bad area with no view . Small rooms no closets.

I parted with the agent and overall liked her. I have to look for more homes . hopefully there is something under 150k .