Deal for the record books???

Deal for the record books???

Today while working graveyard at my desk clerk job at Comfort Inn I was on Zillow researchings areas in a town im looking to start investing. I narrowed it down to the "Make Me Move" listings i went to an area of town with a house i had to triple to make sure I wasn't tired from my shift(haha) but there it was in black and white a 2 story house in a good neighbrohood 2 car garage estimated value $330,000 and what was the owner asking for??? (house has been listed for over 300 days) the house was listed for ONE DOLLAR!!!! This has to be to good to be true. I sent the owner an email about the property so I am waiting for a response. Praying this is legit! What a steal if it is! Ill keep you posted by the days end.


$330,000 house for $1.00

Great Find !!! I hope that it is legit. I agree what a steel. One thing you do know is that there is true motivation. 300 days on market (motivation). Listed for $1.00 (motivation). Even if there is more to it then what you can see now, I bet for sure there is a creative way you will be able to do the deal. Curious to find how you make out.
Good luck, Steve


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$1 for sale of house

but find out the taxes, or back taxes and violations and liens against house

also ask about condition of house, and estimated renovation costs

Fingers crossed


...Keeping fingers crossed on this potential deal for you. As others have indicated make sure to do your due dliligence to become aware of any issues prior to a purchase and closing. The information you discover will not only help you for this deal, but for many others. Good luck. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Good Luck!

As Joe said, make sure you check out all the variables. Due Diligence! What a find and please keep us posted and let us know how it all turns out. Keep moving forward.



Just $ 1.00

I think the owners are doing a Lottery
deal on the House, the amount collected
could exceed sales price, a very creative
stradegy. Just my thoughts, I could be wrong.




Lottery deal?

Tell me more about how a lottery deal works? And no email yet..looking into getting the number from county records. also have another deal the owner wants oout of the house he is tired of renting and being a landlord. house is worth $230,000 he wants $199,900. Want to try to get it down 10-25 thousand down and then lease option it. It even has a guest house. We'll see more about this deal l8r on.

Best wishes and happy succes

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I want this property.....oh

I want this property.....oh wait.....sorry I only have 73 cents in my pocket. That sounds like a fair trade. Homework first, then play. Keep us up to date on this, please. Tell you what that is a good way to find some buyers, and even though a fair share may not be serious I bet there is a lot (like yourself) who are calling in. I may have to try it. Good luck and be careful.

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$1 House

Just make sure that you do all your research before you dive into this. You are right, it could be the deal of the day but, make calls and ask a ton of questions. I hope this is a diamond in the rough for you....Jan

1 dollar deal

you probably have to move it. let us know