Sandra's R.E.I. Journal 2010

Sandra's R.E.I. Journal 2010

Okay, here I go!

I ordered Dean's books a little while ago and read through them quickly once, now I am on my second time through Profit..Right Now! I am going to be ordering his next book very soon.

My real estate experience is I know people buy and sell houses (in other words NONE of my own!)

We have 7 kids (soon to be 8 in July Jawdropping! Smiling ) and have been renters all our lives. Our landlord is a nice man, but doesn't fix what needs to be done around the property. Sad The repairs aren't little things either. Both the kitchen and bath sinks need to be replaced completely since they have a lot of rot.

We haven't moved or tried to buy our own home yet because we thought we couldn't afford one that fits our family needs (at least 5 bedrooms in California). Now we see that we really can't afford NOT to invest in our own home!

I am the one who will be doing most of the research and number crunching since I have time to make phone calls, visit county offices, and surf the web, but my husband will be assisting with visual inspecitons of potential properties.

Our goals (right now, to be updated as we go) are to buy our own home with acreage, and start generating a positive cash flow of no less than $4000 per month. At that point, my husband can think about leaving his JOB and move into the real estate investing full time, eventually generating a positive monthly cash flow of $8000 per month to take care of all our personal expenses.

We have a long list of things we want to do, including having my husband visit his family's property in Samoa with his mom, I want a small cake studio/bakery, and family reunions --- all of which take MONEY that right now we are having trouble finding. (I know it is there somewhere!!) Eye-wink

Whew! Tired yet? I know we have a ways to go, but this is just my first of 1,000 steps and I didn't want to wait any longer to get started.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to getting to know more of you in my DG family.


Hi Sandra

Welcome to the DG family and your new and exciting career in real estate investing. You have surely laid out one key and important goal, to buy your own home. This is the time to make that step, all the best to you and the family and I look forward to hearing bigger and better things. God Bless.



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Welcome to the family !!!! Its good you have your husband as a partner a lot of people don't share the same visions as their spouse. So good luck with everything and keep us posted!


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