Dave Marsh's Journal- Please Hold me Accountable

Dave Marsh's Journal- Please Hold me Accountable

Hi There Everyone.

I recently attended the Edge Event in Scottsdale and left with so much enthusiasm and inspiration. I am currently setting my Action Plan for the next 12 Months in my Real Estate Investing Career. I am going to take a big leap of faith and step out into the world of the unknown, well at least unknown for me. I am looking to do 2 deals a month on average over the next year, 1 smaller deal like a SFR or multifamily unit, as well as one large deal like an apartment building, mansion/luxury home, or straight commercial strip mall type deal.

It is in my nature to look at what is possible and then take that model or formula and expand it to how it can apply to a larger level of play, so that is why I am looking to go BIG.

Anyways I am putting this out there on DG so that I can put it out into the universe and attract the right deals to come my way. I am also asking that I be held accountable for my commitments and goals. I believe that by putting it on this site I will have more positive energy attached to my goal which will in turn push my dream farther faster then if I kept it to myself.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and support. With this group of like minded individuals that frequent this site anything TRULY IS possible. I look forward to sharing my dreams with all of you and also helping support all of you in achieveing everything you want in life. Lets go get everything we want out of life................WE ALL DESERVE IT

Take Care



Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count!!


...Congratulations for taking action with real estate. A journal is a great way to track your progress and share your insight with others along the way. The Gain the EDGE event is the spark you needed and the information will take you to new heights. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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