Jimmy Balter's Journal

Jimmy Balter's Journal

This is new for me. I never thought about keeping a journal, but decided to anyway.

I am giving it another go. I failed in the past because I was not properly prepared. Thanks to Deans two books, Profit Now and Your Town, I am in a position to really get going.

This forum and community also helps in a huge way. Here is what I have done so far.

1. Read the books and decided to focus on probate properties and bread and butter type homes, 3/2, 1500 to 2200 square feet homes in blue collar nighborhoods.

2. Looked in the real estate section of the yellow pages under real estate consultants and similar categories and called several. Found out they buy deals and started a relationship.

3. Took a hard look at my finances and decided which techniques I need to use to get started.

4. Picked up a real estate property book at the grocery store and called realtors who specialize in investment property and begun a relationship.

5. Set a time frame of 30 days to buy and close on my first property.

This is a start for me and I am sure I will have alot more to add as time goes on.


jimmy Balters Journal: Day 2

I woke up today in Woburn, Mass. I am traveling as part of my regular job. I checked emails and logged into the forum to see what is happening, as I have been doing off and on.

Since ordering Dean's books, I find myself on the forum more. Anyway, I watched the clip of Dean's most recent show and it got me to thinking alot about where I have been in my life up to this point.

I have been broke financially, although I make good money at my regular job. This is the best job I have ever had but it is not my future. Is it a path to a dead end? absolutely not, however it is the express train ride to doing the same thing next year and the year after, unless I kick it into gear and make it happen.

I am heavier now than I have ever been and I have had my health challenges with kidney stones and other related problems.

I realized last night while driving through downtown Boston that I need to live in the Boston area. I feel at home here, my wife absolutely loves Boston and while right now we could not afford it, I realized this morning that we absolutely could in as little as 30 days. How???

If I do what Dean says to do, nothing more and nothing less, I could get in the middle of a great real estate deal and make lets say $5,000.00. I arrived at this figure because Boston properties are higher in price. This would give us part of the monies to relocate. The remainder would come from my paycheck which is ok.

If I did a second deal, this would give us additional monies and give me a track record to build upon.

Could we live each month in Boston with only the beginning real estate successes? maybe, maybe not.

I am a CDL licensed truck driver with 20 years experience. I have never received a speeding ticket, had an accident, so I could get a regular job driving local in Boston, which would give me a means to be my own bird dog, and find properties.

I came to realize that not everyone lists with a realtor and many people just stick a fsbo sign in their front yard and wait for someone to come along. People just cannot afford to advertise.

If I am passing by a property and see a sign, what will it cost me to stop and ask some questions? my time. What can I make? alot.

This is my plan for the next two weeks and my focus.

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