Finally Being Accountable

Finally Being Accountable

May 28, 2010

Although I have about 5 REA business cards in hand, I still haven't found the right fit for my business. So today I placed another ad on Kijiji (More popular than craigslist in Canada.) And I have also read that Matt had some success with ReMax so I'm going to contact a few offices today and ask the receptionist which of the agents generally works with investors. I'll talk to them. See if were on the same page. And then take it from there. Updates on this soon!

May 31

It's been a couple days and I have made some progress with REA's. After calling a couple of offices, I decided to try sending out some e-mails to some agents instead. After they contacted me back via e-mail I created a standard e-mail that I can use for every agent (just changing some small details accordingly.) Now I'm waiting for response to a few of those e-mails. I'm the meantime I'm going to try another free online add and see if that stirs up the pot a bit. Talk to you soon.

If you need a standard Ad for Craigslist, Kijiji or any other free classified. Contact me! I have two different Ads.

I can also send you the standard e-mail I'm using to contact REA's. It has the right questions to see if your realtor will be a good fit for you. (Thanks for those questions Dean.)