still fired up from edge 2010

still fired up from edge 2010

Hi everybody the edge was more than I expected now i am on my way I have a real estate person that i am going to interview on monday i have 5 investors and on my way to getting more, having my web site professionally set up hopefully through this real estate lady i can get the rest of my team set up i am going to have her pull the last 90 days of sales find the cash buyers and send them letters. going to go through my customer list of marble customers and see what investors i can find then I am going to call banks next week to find ones who do not require seasoning, so i can present this to my potential buyers. There is so much more that I received from the edge and thanks to all the items dean has given to us proptrend,probate finders total view. The list goes on and on I have to tell you the supposed gurus that i have even checked out a week prior to deans event nothing but one sales man after another selling the same teqniques that you guys are giving for free. are you fools for this no I believe this is how you build an honest great orginisation because when i make it to the top I will want to give away what was freely given to me.and when I do my five deals in the next 2 months I want my money not returned to me but given to branson for the children. my love an respect to everyone at dg sal cassandro stone176 thanx


sal cassandro


Glad to see you taking action, That is 90% of the battle. Good Luck and keep us posted'



Hey Sal

I sure know how you feel! The adrenalin from EDGE 09 carried me all the way through to EDGE 10!! You are on fire - keep it up. This is an amazing journey and the benefits are so great above and beyond the financial rewards you reap that its absolutely amazing! I look forward to following your RE journey! ALl the best to you!


You are doing a great job. There was sooooooooo much energy at the EDGE, and I still have it all with me too. It is a great feeling. You are on your way!



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This train, Faith will be rewarded
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