A Dj Taking on the real estate investing world can it work?

A Dj Taking on the real estate investing world can it work?

Hello Everyone

Yes, I am A DJ I have played around the world to millions and I have been able to see thousands of people become independent of their boss from real estate one of the gurus is even a friend of mine. I will not give their name but I did DJ his wedding anniversary as well as both kids graduations. Giving him all the respect due I just couldn't make money in his program.

Now enough about that I Just bought Deans books from the infamous Infomercial I have not received them as of yet, but I actually found this site before I ordered YES YES! i was looking into him to see if he was a scam or if he was selling outdated materials. I figured what the heck I spend that much on a nice dinner for me and my fiance so lets do it. Whats the worst thing that could happen UMMM loose a few dollars then instead I asked whats the best that could happen gain several million HA HA I say that because as my company logo suggests (pit bull in an ace of spades leaf) I will lock on and run with it till I die.... Yep I am that stubborn or dedicated.

SO I will post here frequently about my situations and would love feedback, Help of any kind , and love networking so feel free.

Thanks for the opportunity in advance.



Fellow DJ

Glad to see a world renowned fellow DJ joining the ranks of Real Estate investors. I use to DJ at some night clubs but now I'm mostly doing weddings these days. Got tired of coming home late at night and going to bed as the sun was coming up.


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When you get Deans books, absorb them, learn the methods, they work. I used to sell real estate several years ago, I know a lot about contracts and such. And have bought almost every course there was. Didn't make a dime. Until now. I have been doing this less than a month and have one in the works. If I owned 3 houses, they all would have been gone within two days. Get serious, don't let anyone talk you out of it and be motivated! It will happen for you too. Keep us posted, Kevin


I must say I felt the same way when I started. But boy was I wrong. The success acamandy and Deans loyal staff has done everything they said they would. I have made my money back several times over.




Real Deal

Welcome to the dg family. I love music man, I'll tell you Dean is the real deal. You made the right decision by buying the books. And if you are at determined as you say you are then the sky is the limit and there are millions out there for you to make. Read the books, follow the tools, stay on the site and you will make money!



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