Jenilo's Journey!!

Jenilo's Journey!!

Hello Everyone!

This is my very first journal entry and I must say that I am very excited to begin this new REI Journey. My husband and I have recently began reading "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and "Profit from Real Estate Right Now". I am about half way through my book and my husband is right behind me in his, then we will switch when we are both finished.

So far, we are learning a lot and getting more and more excited everyday. I don't think we have ever been so dedicated to anything ever before. We are determined to change our future. At this time, I have been dedicating about 9-10 hours a day reading and researching everything I can about REI and Dean's strategies. However, I think yesterday I began to question if I should be scared or see it as opportunity when I realized the extreme need for REI in my town. Now it is becoming a mission of "save my town". At first, I was getting excited when I saw there were so rehab homes and so many great deals. Then it just became plain sad how many I am finding, knowing that all these homes are empty and run down because people couldn't save them. Many are from hurricane damage... but SO many are from the economic downturn. It is breaking my heart. But, with Dean's strategies maybe I can be the one to scoop all these up and turn around my town and change someone else future. It is a win/win.

The big problem I am facing in making this a reality is that there are hundreds of income potential properties.... but they ALL require a CASH only payment which I have none of. Hmmmm... need to keep reading I guess.

Thank you to all of you for providing such a positive environment. I am hoping to get acquainted with all of you who share the same love as I do.


Don't give up!


Welcome to the REI world. I have been "working" diligently at my first deal. I am on my way. What I have learned in my journey since I came on board is minimual compared to what I learned in the struggle to get here. The past six months have been speckled. Never giving up the dream! It may take some effort and time, as you press into your new place. Ask for help and keep asking until you get the answer you need. I learned that hard money lenders are out there and want you on board. Be patience with these folks as they get to know you. Keep reading and absorbing all the information that you can until you "make it"!

Many blessings!

"The most important six inches in the body, your brain! What you think is what you become." Shelly Taylor-Smith

Welcome to the DG family.

Welcome to the DG family. Keep reading the forums. There is probably an answer for every question you have, some where in these forums. use the search tool on the top left for your answers.
As far as money goes you can get around that by hooking up with someone who has money or equity in their house and wants to invest. If you want more on idea's let me know, Id be happy to help. I probably posted some letters I used to get investors and buyers in the beginning of my journal if your interested in using them or modifying them to your likeing, be my guest.

good luck and NEVER EVER give up.


Perfect, but not so perfect!

So, I found the most perfect property for my 1st deal. Unfortunately, the only way to get the house is to have POF. I am looking for a way to get around that.

Then I found another perfect 2/2 condo about a mile and a half from the beach for a steal in a beautiful area... but it has no central air so it is a cash only deal. Anyone in Florida know how to get around this rule?

As I am discovering, almost all of the properties I have looked at either require POF or do not have central air and require a cash payment. If anyone knows how to get around the POF to obtain a property and assign it, please let me know... desperate for advise... burning out on research.


You can get a POF letter

You can get a POF letter just about anywhere, google it.
As far as having anac unti ,maybe you can have the seller install it and add it to the price of sale. just an idea. If you think it out you will come up with a solution.

I will pm you a response on the pm you sent me later on tonight. I did send you two already.

Found Buyer!!

Ok, so now I have a buyer and possibly a house... does this mean that I have a deal maybe?? I am shaking all over and nervous... this would be a back to back closing? or do it as a lease option? oh, I so do not want to screw this up!

take a deep breath lol.

Jenifer, what are the details/numbers on the deal? post them and maybe we can help you. and is your buyer a cash buyer? is it an REO home or owner selling it.

Finally getting all set up!

Hopefully things will all start to come together now. I am working really hard on getting my first deal. I realize that I need a little help getting me steered in the right direction so I set up my recorded message line on Sunday and joined the Real Estate Academy yesterday. I now have a Facebook Fan page and a dedicated email for my investment business. I have a few properties in mind... but now I need the deal! Congrats to all of you who are out there getting things done! Send some of that luck my way!


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