Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Bill. I purchased "How to be a Real Estate Millionaire" about two years ago. I read the book cover to cover in a few nites and remember being very excited about starting my real eastate career. After that I got distracted and never did anything to start investing. I recently revisited this website and saw how everyone helps eachother. I was blown away by all the help and support everyone gives eachother. I am hoping to find the answers to my questions here. I have that same feeling of excitement I had two years ago and I'm ready to start my real estate career and a better life for my family.

My Questions:

1. How would I go about finding an agent to help me find great deals on homes? Do I call real estate companies and ask for an agent? Do I try to email an agent and explain what im trying to do?

2. After I find an agent and get a deal on a home, how would I find an investor? Where do I look for someone who wants to invest in realestate?

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.

Bill R. NJ


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