From Eugene - Jax, Fl

From Eugene - Jax, Fl

Hello DG family.

I've been trying to figure out how to write this because it’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything on this journal. Anyway here it goes. You see I purchased Dean’s book B.A.R.M. about 1 ½ years ago and I did read it but at the time I was doing some rehabs for a couple of other investors and I was to busy. Well little by little these rehab started to dry up because these guys were going about it all wrong, so I have found out here lately through “PMI”. They were buying what ever they could in really bad areas and they were not selling they had to rent these out and the money dried up and now they are in deep troubles. That kind of made me take a closer look at this investing in real estate thing. Was it really something that I really wanted to get into? Well I decided at that time that I would look at something else and I went out there a purchase a course on something else and what a rip off, the so called pot of gold was never at the end of the rainbow it was into these individuals pockets and I never had a chance to even see any glimpse of any rewards.

Well because I really love Real Estate rehabbing and that is because when you take a house that is run down and you bring it back to life and you look at the finished product you see a major transformation of a community. The neighbors and everyone in the community actually come by and thank you for doing it. It really gives you real satisfaction and purpose. But the problem was I wasn’t making the money, these other guys’ (the ones that are doing it right) are making it. So I started looking again for education and support. Regrettably I went in another direction from Dean’s materials. I joined “ANOTHER” organization that promised all the bells and whistles only to realize that it was a money pit and no real support, phone calls on hold for sometimes up to 45-60 min. and emails answered in days not min or a couple of hours. No advisory hotline where you can call and speak to a REAL live coach. Well that didn’t work, and forget about the 1-year money back guarantee, that’s worse that pulling alligator teeth.

I knew that there had to be a way to learn and get the support needed to be successful. Again one early, and I mean early, morning I was flipping channels and there was Dean’s
Info-mercial advertising his new book and “Y.T.Y.RE.P”. I went to the web site and I proceeded to order his new book and I got the “PDF” versions and the recordings, so that I can download it immediately. And I did! I transferred on to my MP3 player and listen to it all day long and that’s when I decided it was time to get serious. If these people in the book have done it and are doing it I know I can do it. So I went ahead and bit the bullet and joined “PMI” Professional Marketing International, Deans Success team. I’ve been using them almost daily now for a 1½ months and what a difference from my past experience. I have just about completed section 3 and I have reviewed sections 1&2, 3 or 4 time to be sure I have it. I get up at 5am every day and try to go through one section at least twice before I take the quiz. This week I put in two offers and I am ready to make it happen. I’m really looking forward to my first deals. I’ll keep you all informed on how those go. This is getting to long!

But what I want to say to those who just browsing around on Dean’s web site if you really wanting to learn and get the support that you really need to be successful don’t hesitate, don’t waste anymore of your money on other programs, get into it with Dean’s team believe me you will not regret it. A year from now, if you take action, you will look back and say “This was the best investment of my life” Do it and do it now there will never be a better time. The houses are dirt-cheap and you can make some serious money.

Sorry about being so long winded. The next writing will be shorter I promise.



"It's not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life,
it is how you handle what happens to you.
Zig Zigler

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