Anyone interested??

Anyone interested??

Hi, I have found an REO asking price 8000 I am going to offer 3500. SFR 2 br 1 bath already done comps in the area, 4800 65000 ARV. needs about 5000-10000 rehab. A lot of the house needs cosmetics, paint and cleaning which I can do myself. I own and operate a cleaning business. I can't seem to find an investor around here that is serious. Willing to split profits upon sale of property 55% to you 45% to me. Since I will be doing a lot of the work and providing supplies myself. I will sign a contract with my potential partner included on the contract. Any taker? interested parties? Let me know, When I went to see the property, I had 3 people stop and ask if it was for sale. The agent even showed it to someone else while I was standing there. Sooo just send me a PM if you are interested. I live in Ky.



I am sending you a pm...Jan

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