So much information

So much information

With so much information the website where do I begin?



I new to the site however there so much information, how can you go worng! I learn to take my time and understand whats good and what isn't. However I'm going to need some help with this. I manage a success investment practice and that my first love. I have intrested in realestate investing however I dont want it to become a full time job. There's so many areas of the business that you can be invovled in, and I currently seeking new excitedment and challgenes and success story. Can some point in the correct direction to begin.


Gregory; try to read the book ist in an orderly fashion. also if your able join the success academy. I could get lost for days on this site if i am not careful.
sen me a PM if you need to.


Sorry I'm so new what's PM

Would that be a perosnal message? I havent ordered the book but will tomorrow. DO you have any success stroy from your own personal experience with Dean program


Gegory; yes a pm is personal mess.As far as Deans program, I know personally, I would have given up by now if I was not in his program. we live in a high price area but it still is profitable to buy in outside areas.


I would pick an area that interests you most, like bird-dogs, assignments, fix & flips, lease options etc. Start small to get a taste. You can partner up with another investor to ease the load. Good Luck.

Thanks for your reply

How long have you been invovled, how much time a week do you spend in REO? What was your learn curve?

Thanks for your reply

What's a bird-dog, or assignments? I would like to start off with the oppertunity that does not require too much captial. You know just to get my feet wet. I'm so new creating a habit of success is important for me. Let me know what you think.


To see our involvement just click on our name & it shows our bio. A bird-dog fee is money you make from just finding a deal for a cash investor & you get paid(approx. 1K to 2 K). An assignment is where you find a great deal & lock it up under contract with and/or assigns, so you can pass it off to a cash investor & make more money depending on how good the deal is...5K to 10K.
We we apart of Dean's last book, & I have read all 3 & believe it's the best because it not only gives necessary info on doing deals, but there are chapters following some of us & some successful techniques we use.

That's great information Guy Thanks

How many hours a day to you contirbut to making deals?

Wow what a great BIO

I ride motocylces myself, just never know your what you may have in common. That a great story! 57 tranaction it a lot your guy seem to be very seasoned. I am looking to get invovled but I am not sure what best for me as of yet. I am 30 and I own my home free and clear and have since I was 19 years old, however I wanted to make sure I was ready. I manage a success investment and insurance partice in Philadelphia which is my first love. Having my best year in the business, and now is the time if any to make some moves. I alway like the excitment of creating deal, that why I got invovled in insurance and investment in the first place. What so many options I am looking to put some cash in my pocket fast and reinvest at the same time, Hopefully I will fine some guidence in Deans book.


In Dean's book Profit-Your Town, we had the pleasure of him coming to our home with his camera crew & talking about all the different deals we've done & how it's still as exciting as the 1st. The best part was how Dean was genuine in his feelings of our success & making over $ 500,000 in twenty something deals, but especially on something as small as my wife Jill going to yard sales, not to buy things, but to find out if it was an estate, or just
being sold, and if not for sale now to contact us in the future, & how's that's worked on closing some deals.
There is a wealth of info on this site, use it to your benefit. Good Luck

Thanks for your reply

Thank you for reaching out to me. I will be sure to keep you posted and pick your brain of you don't mine.