Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Hey DG family
This is Phil agian and I know I said that i would be posting agian in the morning, that was a couple of days ago. So I would like to apologize for not doing so. I had a very enjoyable 4th with my family as I hope you did with yours. Well Saterday was exspecialy good for me I acualy got my business all astabilished and it feels good. I now have a company do use for all my up comimg property deals, how cool is that.. I did another step. Our company is going to help alot of those sellers who need to sell but they might also need a place to live . We intend to rent back if need be and we may even help with other things. Iam very excited... Till next time.. Peace Love Gods Will

Phil S from


"The regrets of YESTERDAY are the TWIN thievs that ROB us of the MOMENT!!!

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