Hello everyone. I have a question about the assigments. When i find a buyer and we sign the contracts, do i get my fee right there or on closing day. And how can i qualify the buyer to make sure that am not losing my time ?



If your buyer will pay up front and you negotiate the deal that way he will pay up front. Usually you will get paid at closing.
One way to qualify your buyer is to make the earnest money $5,000 and non refundable. Also have them produce their proof of funds! That will usually separate the BS from the buyer! Let them know you require this at the START of your negotiations!

Hope this helps!
Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


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You Need

i agree with Michael, but when doing an assignment, make sure you get POF letter and bank statements. No need to spend time with someone who can't qualify...Jan

Thank you

Thank you for your responses, i know this will help alot. thanks DG family...

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