Urgent Question about POF letters

Urgent Question about POF letters

I've recently partnered up with a business associate to start buying REO's and Short sales. I'm about to present 3 offers and I asked him to provide me with a proof of funds letter for each one. What he gave me almost blew me away. He sent me a letter from his bank showing that he had mid six figures in his bank account to back up what ever property I was bidding on.

My question is this: How do I use that letter for each of these offers? Can I just make a copy of it and submit with each offer or do I need him to only set the $$ amount to what my offer is?

Thanks in advance for pearls of wisdom.



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I probably would make copies

I probably would make copies and submit it with each offer. I don't see how that would be a problem...but that's just my 2 cent. Good Luck.



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I agree

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