Charisse's Journal

Charisse's Journal

Hi all,

Saturday was pretty interesting. We went and met with a relator in Palmdale. That is the city next to Lancaster, Ca. That is were Anita Wilson has been kicking butt. I found him by looking on Craigs list and reading up on properties that sounded interesting. It ends up that he is 36 years old, has had his license for 5 years and has been a broker for 3 years and is HUNGRY because he is just opening his own office. He seems to have discipline because he made it to the pros in Football, something he wanted to do his whole life, but then had to quite because he found out he only had one kidney. I told him what we were looking for and about being creative in my deals I also told him about Dean and he was very interested and didn't balk at anything we had to say. I tried to meet up with Anita, but couldn't get a hold of her. I figure why re invent the wheel if she already knows how to roll the ball in Lancaster. Lancaster is flowing with housing deals. I also put a proposal in for a probate house in Bear Valley Springs, Ca. were I live. Should here about it tonight, by 9:00 Sunday I took off and did not go to the computer once. MOnday I had to do the marketing house stuff but I did manage to call my relator and make sure she got that proposal in, and she did. I also looked at a bunch of listings in my area on its a cool app on my I phone. Today, I have spent from 8:00 - 11:00 listening to The Edge 09 Mastermind videos with my husband and son. My son is asking very good questions. "YES!!!" Looked at my email from Joe Crump he seems to have houses if you have money that will give you passive income right now. ? (I wish I had more money then time.) I also re contacted a clinician that we are hopefully gonna lease our ranch to, for doing RFD videos and clinics. Also looked at other people who send me stuff and here I am at 1:25. I think it is time for me to grab some lunch but afterwards, I made a bunch of notes from the mastermind videos this morning, and I will get to it!
Later, Charisse
P.S. I was happy to hear Dean's video, that guy has been chocking me with his sims 2.0 I finally unsubscribed because enough is enough. I will be happy to get something like that from Dean,...but first, SHOW ME THE MONEY WORLD! I want it, .I need it, I'm gonna get it!


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