Braun's journey

Braun's journey

I have been in analysis paralysis for some time now and I need to get out of it. I am hoping posting this publicly will help but I know in the past it falls off my radar and I get engrossed in my daily life. I know in order to put my family in a better position I need to get this program going. I tend to study things and learn as much as I can before getting going and feel I never quite have enough information to get started. I just need to realize I am going to have to take my lumps like everyone else.

Like many people I am hesitant to believe that there are people out there that would pay me to do this stuff because it doesn't seem overly hard. Why wouldn't they just post some signs and find some buyers? I know in the end it comes down to people not wanting to do it or people like me they want to know everything before moving forward so they never actually do any moving forward. Which is where I would come in and solve problems.

I know I can be successful at this as long as I don't dwell on negative attitudes or rejection. In the past I have noticed a pattern of not handling rejection well but feel as I have grown I have matured to a point to at least understand it better and not internalize. It is sometimes difficult not to get that eBay feeling of "I don't want to lose the deal" as if it was the last one on earth, but one must overcome that and know there are others around the corner.

I have read Dean's latest book and none of the others. I am not sure why but I seem to trust this site its contents and Dean, I think because it seems to come from folks like me, honest and forthcoming which I appreciate. I am hesitant to trust people on TV as it seems so easy to con people (myself included) but there is something about him that I wanted to trust. So I took the leap of faith. I am gainfully employed so I didn't see much other risk. I hope in the coming years I will be one of the success stories you see on this site.

Here's to staying in the game,
Mike Braun


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