I am giving up........ Charlotte people please look.

I am giving up........ Charlotte people please look.

I am starting a new journal. I am giving up looking in westchester. It's just way to exprensive here. taxes are around 12k where I live and that just cuts too far in to the rent when you look at the average rent is around 1,500. So Thanks to Your Town..... and angie it's time to look down south. NC Charlotte ... Love the area. I also see big chances of a boom when the market settles . Lots of big banks are there that are doing bad right now. My first question is how are condos down there? I talked to a RE that said houses are doing much better any DG fam help from those in the parts would be very much appreciated.


Charlotte Area

I am actually in charlotte right now looking at property, this entire city seems to be on sale. I think it is going through some form of market correction but the deals are still plentiful and if you are interested in condos, town homes, sf properties, you will find plenty. I am enjoying my time here,I have family who live and invest here so I am finding areas that I never knew about that have a so many properties and deals it is unreal. I am a hard money lender so it makes this a gold mine for me b/c I am able to close fast and access to rehab funds on any property I find.

Good Luck,
Cedrick Swinson

Hi Cedrick

What trends are you seeing. Any big news? I just found out about the high speed rail system going down there.

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