Looking for creative realtors that will work with wholesalers

Looking for creative realtors that will work with wholesalers

I am looking to find some great realtors to work with that are creative and willing to work with wholesalers? Any body in the DG Family have any suggestions?


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Hey lmoretti, I can tell you from my own experience that it’s not an easy thing to find.

Sometimes you really have to go through talking to a lot of different Realtors. I think that over the last 2 months I have spoken to about 30 different Realtor and I am happy to say that I have found 3 currently that are investor friendly and that know what we as investors need.

I had a meeting this morning with my newest Realtor to try to work out a game plan and we’re on the same page.

So you just have to call them, I would start with the independent Realtors and leave the large franchises for later. I think you’ll find the independent Realtors will work with you much better. At least that’s what I have found.

Starting on page 113 of the “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” book you’ll find a couple of pages on how to go about finding these agents. VERY HELPFUL!!

I hope this helps.



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