Is a "subject to" deal assignable?

Is a "subject to" deal assignable?

An investor that I contacted said he only does " subject to" deals. I am wondering. If it would be better to lock it up under my own terms and assign it. Or introduce the investor to the seller and let him do the rest. If I don't lock it up and assign it. How do I assure myself that I will get paid by the investor.

Also: another investor that I contacted to put on my buyers list said he's not looking to buy anymore. But he said he has 2 rentals that he wants to sell but hasn't put on the market yet. It's a total of 4 apartments.3 of which are currently rented. Is this a good opportunity for me to create some cash flow. Or maybe live for free? I'm still honing my skills on determining a great deal.

It took me a while to get over the fear. But now nothing can stop me. Especially with the support and wisdom on this site...thanks again DG fam.


Assignable subject to's

You could get a cash/check down payment from your buyer and take over the Financing (assignment of subject to) your sale price of property is raised to include both. This is a hot idea for people who can't qualify for bank loans, but make good money, that's a lot of people right now. Let us know what happens. Donna