Kim's journal

Kim's journal

This is it! I am hoping that starting this journal will help me to take some action. I have read the books, am on the website all the time, do believe it can all happen, and I LOVE this stuff! So, the question is, "Why haven't I done anything?" I guess I know the answer: FEAR! Fear of looking foolish if I am not successful with this. I also feel very alone (my husband supports, but it is not his thing).

Hopefully, I will find some great people on here to collaborate with. All the posts I read sound so incredibly helpful and supportive. I'm tired of just being an interested onlooker though. There has to be a reason I keep coming back, right? I want it!!

And so I begin....



Good Luck


Good luck in your endeavors. You have already taken one step more than I have. I am in the same boat as you. I have read the book and am always on the site. I take in the videos like my life depends on it, and in a way, my life does depend on this. I want this change and I need this change, but fear is keeping me planted where I am. Fear of rejection... fear of failure. It all seems silly, but fear is a horrible monster that will keep you from your dreams as long as you let it. I am with you. I am tired of watching others and not taking action. I wish you success and I will follow your example and get off my butt.

Thanks caferg!

I was happy to read your message and hear that I am not the only one who is "stuck." I haven't taken any action yet. I'm still reading, reading, reading, and watching videos! I did get on craigslist last night to browse and might go drive by a property today. My husband will probably go along just to humor me. He would love for me to do something with my new knowledge but may be losing hope...I've been reading for a long time!

I think part of my hesitation is that I see all these "We Buy Houses" everywhere. I mean all different versions of that all over my town. It seems like the area may be saturated with people doing the same thing, only they are established and making money!
I also started reading The Secret, all about making the law of attraction work for you. The hard part is believing it will happen and seeing myself already there.