Any pit Falls to watch out for?

Any pit Falls to watch out for?

I am about to purchase a house that had a fire due to a lightning strike. It was hit by lightning right by the kitchen adjacent to the family room addition. The family room and the kitchen suffer the most. The rest of the house has a lot of smoke damage not to mention the massive clean out that is needed.

There are about 5 of the trusses that will need to be replaced as well as all the decking and shingles over the family room. After that we will have to replace everything in the kitchen and do major clean up everywhere else. You can just imagine what went through this little elderly lady’s head when she saw this fire.

I am having various licenses contractors looking at it to give me estimates for the complete rehab. I have a friend who is a GC that is telling me that I can handle this rehab myself and save a considerable amount of money. He will pull the permits and provide all of the trades for each of the different phases of this rehab. He is willing to coach me through this whole project.

I have done 9 full rehabs of my own, never needing to pull permits because if I needed some phase, electrical, plumbing, windows, etc. I have a couple of licenses tradesmen in my network that I bring in for that. But I have never tackled this size of project before.

If I decide to take this challenge what are some of the Pit Falls that I should look for before I leap? Are there any issues that I need to be aware of as far as the areas that were damaged by the fire? Will there be special things that the inspectors will look for due to the fire?

Anyone have any suggestions with respects to this or anything else that I may not be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.


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