Paul T. La Moy is back !!

Paul T. La Moy is back !!

Hey you all ! Long time no see and I am sorry I haven't been in touch with anyone because it took a long time to recovered from my major cochlear surgery. Everyday it gets better and hear something new everyday and it's amazing! I had to go lots of therapist for Auditory training every week. It was exhausting for a while. I had to stay in NY longer and now I am back to my beautiful home in Pensacola, Fl and still can't find jobs. Most jobs required telephones and I still can't use the phone yet and it is going to take some time and some days it takes years before they can use phones. I can hear the phones some days and some days dont hear at all. I want to say to you all thanks for the support and prayers and ready to get back and do something with my life since jobs is very limited to me.

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy



hey paul,i am glad you are doing fine and awesome to have u back !!


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Thank you Jay ! I am looking forward to get back to help people like I did before my surgery and I miss that. I need to keep myself busy and hope to hear from you again.




.....Welcome back to the DG community. I am glad all is going well and your having a nice Summer. Good luck in sunny Florida. I look forward to reading about your progress and future real estate deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Welcome back to the family and our best wishes for a speedy recovery...Jan and Jeremy

new system

does anybody have the new your town your money system

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