NJ Investors

NJ Investors

I am new to this. Anyone doing this in the NJ area? Would love to chat. Thanks


Lets chat NJ

I have just started with the course and i'm going to be working in the Central/Southern NJ area working as an investment broker, if you will, until i am able to generate enough $$$ to become an investor of properties for myself. What is your goal and concept?



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Hi! I am new to the program, just reading Dean's book now. I am very interested in networking with new investors in NJ. I am in Central Jersey. My goals are buying and rehabbing properties to rent or perhaps to sell. I am also interested in learning more about foreclosures/short sales as well.



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Barb - Welcome

Great to have another NJ person on board. I am in Toms River, NJ Ocean County. My strategy is to find homes in the area that are obtainable well below FMV, have equity, can be rehabbed and flipped, or rented. I am working on some deals now, still waiting to actually do my first deal.
Welcome again.


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Hey all

Hey everyone. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I would like to invest in Jersey also. I am currently looking in properties in upstate, ny. But I've looked into some areas of Jersey as well. I am sure you can tell my by name I am a huge fan of the god of Jersey, Bruce Springsteen haha. Anyway, it might be worth it to look to invest in ASBURY PARK, NJ, there are many houses by the boardwalk, I know the area was not the best, but it is becoming much better, many more stores opening up, shops on the boardwalk are starting, summer is coming, Asbury Park is rising. I think now would be a great time to purchase property there, the city is growing once again. I have a partner that I am investing with that lives in upstate, ny, but I would deff. invest with someone in Jersey as well if anyone wanted to. Jeremy


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Same here

Hi Barb, I am actually still waiting for Dean's book to arrive in the mail, very excited about the R/E industry and am open to connect with the NJ network!


New Jersey Properties are abundant

I am working as a wholesaler in New Jersey, primarily in the Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex county areas. If you are looking to purchase a property for yourself, have funding, and are serious about investing in a residential or commercial property at the Shore, then email me and i will find a great deal for you.
Welcome to Jersey!


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Enjoy Reading

Dean's book is great and will give you a recipe of ideas, tasks, concepts and much more. Try to stay focused and go for it. Welcome to the Dean Family.



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NJ Investor

Hello I am also in NJ and I am interested in the central area of NJ. I am reading Dean book at this time.


NJ investor


I am in central NJ too. Anyone work with mentors?

NJ Investor

I am brand new to the program. I saw a house for sale by owner, what to do next? I don't have an agent yet. Please help..

Central Jersey here! -Monmouth County

I'm also new to RE investing. Dean's new book had arrived and I'm reading some others also. I'm gaining knowledge via books and I will talk to some RE agencies this week about REOs...learn from them too and possibly make a partner! I have good credit and some cash which will help when I get to that level, but right now I need to learn, network and commit to action.
Let's keep this thread thriving!
Wayne G

South Shore NJ Investor

For those folks out there trying to get into Real Estate Investments, I have looked into Dean's program for several weeks now I have read the books listened to the tapes even paid for the coaching last week, Im a union carpenter with over 25 years experience in rehabing abandoned properties. My credit is very poor and my savings are eaten away due to a sickness in the family.. But If I could be of assistance to any one,just drop me an e-mail if you are looking for someone to partner with.


not in NJ BUT close by

I live in the philly area, NJ is close so I would like to invest money there if I can. I am also brand new to this community and real estate, I only kbnow what I learned from Dean's book and I also purchased the program. Anybody that wants to help me out getting started?


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I am based in NYC am working in jersey and long island mostly. Almost done with the new book, and am excited! I have tried some other systems with little success and can't wait to give these strategies a go!

Need a Lender in South Jersey!

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing good in your business. I'm a new RE investor and need some connections with some Lenders for South Jersey area. If you can help me out then please email me ASAP. Thanks for reading my message!

John A

Need a Lender 4 South Jersey!

Please let me know how much could you invest right now, email me about it and let's stay in touch.


I can help you!

Hi Abou, did you get Dean's book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!" if not, I encourage you to get it because it explains in detail on every step to take. That's great that you have a house already to purchase. Are you using your money or do you have an investor to lend you the money? What part of NJ are you from? I need some lenders if you know any that you can connect me to.....


Investors lets partner

I have been investing in real estate for about two years now, I have lot's of training
and have done various deals. One thing that has been very difficult is finding funding
for these deals. I hate to lose phenomenal deals. If anyone is interested in partnering,
please PM me. I would love to discuss your needs and see if we can't work together.



I am from Brooklyn

I am from Brooklyn. Live In P.A. now. I would like to invest in NJ too. Hopefully I will be going to NJ on the 25th to a Wendy Patton workshop. She is cool as hell. I have my license for all those looking for an agent to work with. I am looking to do business in NY and NJ as well as PA.


I got my mind made up.....

www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)

Im from Central Jersey. I

Im from Central Jersey. I just would like to chat about real estate with anyone really. Share some ideas, goals, etc.

I wish my friends and family would know about real estate like i do. When i talk Real Estate to them it's like i'm talking a different language lol.

If anyone wants to chat on MSN messenger or just send me an email just email me at: IAMREI@live.com

Look forward to talking to any of my fellow Garden State people about Real Estate Investing!


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Investor in Hamilton

Hey everyone!

I got started with Dean's academy back in the spring, but I've had to juggle a lot of things through the summer so my progress has been slow, but steady. I got the EDGE program and finished it last night. I wanted to come on and try to find some fellow investors in the central NJ area. I live in Hamilton, east of Trenton, in Mercer County. Anybody I can connect with would be great!



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Investor In Ocean County

Hello everybody? I live in Ocean county {LBI}I'm starting out wholesaling, looking to meet other investors from Jersey.

Lets get those deals. Happy Investing


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New Home For Sale in Vineland, NJ

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to any Investor in South Jersey. I'm wholsaling a 2-y/o new home in Vineland, NJ for $175,500. comps are $220,000 no work needed. You can get it for investing long-term by renting it out if you want cashflow coming in, or just to make money right now. Contact me right away if your interested, PM me & I'll send you more info on the property.....thanks!

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