Hey guys, how are you guys doing today? am posting this to get some feed back on the california market. If anyone has invested the los angeles area or anyother areas around los angeles. All am looking for a good way to get started. How to get a real state agent to work with me and how to make deals? Please let me know if you could help or give some tips!!


New agent

I have been hired by a great RE Broker in Grass Valley. Grass Valley is in Nevada County in Northern California. I am still waiting for my application to be processed but have been hired as a RE sales person. My resources have been expanded greatly and again I want to offer my help to the DG family. No matter what level of success you are looking for your net work is a key component in your REI tool box. I will have feet on the ground in Nevada County as well as Placer County.


Thanks for the reply...i know its been a while sense you posted that you been hired by RE broker. Just wondering how things are going with that and if your in nevada, how is the investing out there? How is vegas market coming alone? just wondering!

New REI in CA


I just got my license and am posting with a broker in Granite Bay, my goal is REI for myself and hope to make it all work together.

How has it been for you in Grass Valley? I live in Grizzly Flat and would love a local network/mentor connection.

Tina and Jim

Tip an a GREAT Agent in SoCal

My agent is Randy Musgrove, he is in Lancaster CA and he is an awesome agent to work with. He understands the and/or assigns and he also understand the investors mind.


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