New York City Investor's Group ( All 5 Boroughs)

New York City Investor's Group ( All 5 Boroughs)

Hello DG Family!

My name is Moonbeam101 and I'm new to investing. Just wanted to know if anyone is interested in investing in the 5 boroughs of New York City. The more the merrier! The mind is rich and knowledge is power. We need the right team players to convert rich thoughts to a rich reality. I'm ready!


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High cost market in NY

moonbeam101, I was born and raised in NY and currently living in Missouri. I know properties are pretty high in NY, especially Manhattan. Have you identified any great deals out there? Are you apart of any invest clubs in NY? Do you have a buyers list??


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Hey, I live in Brooklyn, I was born and raised here and I am starting to invest now. NY is an island and people will always be living here and looking to buy homes no matter what, but Jason is right, properties here are very expensive. I am looking into homes in upstate NY right now, I am hoping I can close on a home this month. In upstate you can buy an amazing property for a good price.

Let me know what your plans are, I am always looking for more people to invest with. Jeremy


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Looking for partners in the BX, Upstate, CT

What's up everybody I'm looking for partners of all stages and levels to invest in properties in NY. I own property in NC and I want to own some up in the North East. give me shout if any one is serious. Later.

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