Business Partners Needed: Atlanta Area

Business Partners Needed: Atlanta Area

Let me get straight to the point.

I'm in the process of building a business and I want it up and running by the summer. The whole thing is in the beginning phase, but with the right circle of associates, we can get this business running QUICK. So far, I'm doing this solo, but I want to change that. The type of business that I'm doing has a GREAT chance of doing huge numbers starting out and for years to come. I hope to expand this business and have a chain of locations within a couple of years. This isn't some "internet/work from home" type of business, this is the real deal. What I need now are some associates (up to 6 people) that are skilled in different areas. I prefer someone that has experience with the technical side of running a business (preferably a club/bar/restaurant type of business), people that has management experience, and others that have pleasing personalities, great sales & marketing skills. Everyone in our circle must be positive and like-minded. Must be a teamplayer and very cooperative. I want to keep our circle free of greed, jealousy, envy, cynicism & other forms of negative energy. On top of all of that, you must have a burning desire to succeed. If you're doubtful because of this so-called recession, then this isn't for you. If only I could put into words how the perfect alliance could make us all supersuccessful. I'm talking about an income in the $250,000+ (annually) range for each member of the group WHEN everything goes right. This particular business isn't the only one that I want us to build. I have plenty of other business ideas that I want this same alliance to build and profit greatly from. Once all of these businesses are up and running, we could all have incomes in the millions annually.

You may be asking. If I feel that my business ideas are gonna do so well, then why am I not going at it solo? To answer belief is, cooperation is absolutely vital. I've never known a man to succeed in any business by trying to do it all himself. To even attempt to do it all yourself is just being greedy.

If this interests you, then please send a response to me through this ad, and we'll discuss things further. I ask that you please be serious.
Negative/hateful responses are NOT needed. You will be ignored if you send me hatemail.


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