New Investor Residing In South Florida

New Investor Residing In South Florida

Hi All,

I am 3/4 of the way through Deans Profit from real estate Right Now book. I am totally fired up about this amazing opportunity. Are any of you currently duplicating Deans system here in South Florida. If yes. What has been your experience?


I'm new in South Florida

I'm just finishing the book and having a real estate lawyer look at the forms to make sure they are ok in FL. I'll be glad to pass on his advice. I work at a hotel and one of the owners is a real estate lawyer and said he would look at them free of charge.

I'm in the Charlotte - Sarasota county areas. Where are you?

If you're in the same area maybe we can be the blind leading the blind

Anyone in South FL-Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade Counties?

I am waiting on DG book to arrive but have been on the forum - it has been very informative. I am in West Palm and was wondering if there was anyone in South Florida doing REI with DG tips who can give me any pointers or advice on starting out in our area.


West Palm

Hi, I have family down in West Palm and I am always looking for investments down there. Would love to team up with you. If you can find the deals for me, I will pay you a fee. Let's stay in touch.


GLG, that sounds great!

Can you send me a PM with your information so I can contact you?


South Florida

Hi Betz,

Hey, I need on that blind leading the blind team,LOL.
I'm in Clearwater/Largo, Pinellas County. I'm on Deans new book and I also went to the E.D.G.E. in Phoenix, which was great. But I still have tons of questions. I went to a investor meeting and that helped or confused me more, not sure which one LOL. How far South are you? Maybe we can meet up sometime.



S.Florida new investor

Hello everyone I'm too from the S.Florida area , wondering if anyone has done any assignment deals because as we know there are a lot of REO's in S.FL and homeowners who are upside down and based on what I have read banks do not want to deal with assignments, maybe then short sales. Any advise given to the S FL would be appreicated.

section 8

If anyone needs any advise on section 8 tenants let me know I have used the program for a house I have in the Tampa area

i would love to have some

i would love to have some info on this. i live in tampa and am trying to start off here i have found a good real estate agent to work with and she also suggested section 8 tenants.

I'm new too and interested in S Fla

I'm just getting started and live in the Wash, DC suburbs but am focusing on investing in S Fla. I grew up there and it appears there is much better and more RE opportunities in Fla then in the DC/Md area. I thought maybe I can find investors here who would be interested in Fla properties for the same reason I am. I would LOVE to team up with some of you and see what we can do together. Pls let me know if you have interest.

i m in Ft-lauderdale area

i m in Ft-lauderdale area and you can contact [edit: please do not post emails or phone numbers]