The Need for a Buyer's Agent (Experienced in the Northern VA area)

The Need for a Buyer's Agent (Experienced in the Northern VA area)

I am currently in need of a very experienced Buyer's Agent who can represent me. I would like the agent to have a strong background in Real Estate Investing and one that is open to creative strategies and thinking out of the box for(Subject To, Short Sale, Assignment, Preforeclosure, Foreclosure, REO, Probate, etc.). For now, I am looking to lockup properties as a wholesaler, then assign to an end-buyer.

Here's where I really need to be specific. The agent I want to work with has to see the big picture and want to build a long-term strategic partnership with me. I need someone willing to present many offers on Northern Virginia properties, and yes many will probably be low, and many will be countered.

I am a hard worker and whenever I can assist the Buyer's Agent I will. Please reply to this email if you are interested in working with me. I hope to find someone this weekend if possible, because I have at least one property I am very interested in learning more about, and possibly putting an offer on.

Thank you,



Curious if you ever found anyone?

Can't help you in Virginia...but if you ever consider out of state...I'm licensed in Ohio and Florida.

Katherine Stark


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