Success stories, why read them... Thanks for changin my view!

Success stories, why read them... Thanks for changin my view!

That's what I used to think when I read books like "Profit from Real Estate Right Now!" I've always been a do it yourself, give me the cut and dry info and let me figure it out type. In high school, college, and at the work place. When I first read Dean's real estate books I was a little irritated all how many success stories there were. That is until I began to grasp his concepts and actually read a few of them. I immediately went back and read ALL of them. And realized they aren't just "success stories" they are REAL LIFE examples of people just like you and I with new experiences and methods that complement Dean's ideas. Not to mention they keep you motivated as apposed to just reading the hard facts. Deans ideas are wonderful, but seeing the experiences make them real. And I don't think I would have acted on the information as quickly as I did if it didn't seem real to me. In fact I know I wouldn't have. So I have everyone to thank just as much as Dean.

I've just begun on my path toward freedom to take my life in the direction I've always thought a good education and hard work would take it. So I'm still in the same place as many of you working, in my case hundreds of miles away from my family every week. But I have nearly my complete system set up in less than 2 weeks from opening Deans books and reading them cover to cover. Ads running, bringing in phone calls to my 1-800 number, a few investors on my buyers list for my local area, a great Mortgage broker, and an awesome Realtor searching for killer deals in vast pool of motivated buyers in my area.

I can't wait to make my first deal and I have all of you to thank!!! I hope one day I can share a story that will make someone else take action. Carpe diem!

All My Best,

Josh Campbell


how do you find a good mortgage broker

I am new to the area i live in and don't know many people so how do i find a great mortgage broker? Also how did you find investors for your buyers list, I want to get a list built before I make any commitments to homes

Dean has some great

Dean has some great sugesstions on how to find a motivated REA or Realtor in his book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now". More or less, just talk to agents, tell them what your doing and what you need. Could be in e-mail, fax, phone what ever. I used e-mail and fax.

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