Canadians Wanted!

Canadians Wanted!

We have different laws and systems that make us unique. Use this forum to help each other reach our true potential. Celebrate and share your success stories.


What laws? I love Canada!


I always wanted to buy a home in Canada, but when I checked into it years ago, I was told by a Canadian Real Estate office that I could only live in it less than 6 months per year, and that I needed to have $100K net worth to become a resident, and I don't even remember what - it was so long ago.

Anyway, I'd love to be able to buy property there for the purpose of renting (so I can also live there once in a while, or perhaps even permanently some day...). What should I know? Please advise on these unique laws and systems.




I am new to this, and appreciate any advice and assistance! My goal is to own a home of my own, a few rental properties for monthly income, and to fix-up and re-sell as many properties as possible. If I can "green" these properties, that's even better! Thank you.

hey there!!

I just ordered Deans books and am waiting for them anxiously!!I live in Vancouver B.C.,I have to figure out the different laws and things here as opposed to the U.S.This website is so informative and the forums and FAQs are increddible and have taught me tons already,I just dont want to inbed things that wont work in Canada in my head though.Is there anyone else from this area or Canada that can help me with differences???I am very new and wish everyone luck!!Never give up!.............hope to talk soon,Darth Wader:)

Hello everyone....

I too, like wadepanchishin am from Canada and concerned obout the differences that we may have from what Dean is teaching. It would be a whole lot reassuring if he were to put a team in place to help us a bit more. I am finding it a lot harder to find the resources needed to do reliable comps on my own, as well as a reliable tool to automate finding foreclosures. Hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction.

hey mulherin!!!

Nice to know there are other canadians out there with the same questions.LoL.Hopefully we can work together to overcome these hurdles.Where abouts are you??I have found a program that will let you take it for a test drive,for $7,for 1 week,then if you like it i think it is a one time fee of $97 and you get emailed PRE-FORECLOSURE listings up to four times a month.It says for B.C. ,Alberta i know for sure but might be for other areas i will check and post back with the website address.Maybe we should start working together,and kinda start our own team that could work together to figure the canadian laws/market/proper contracts etc.And possibly share resources and get a good plan together to work really well here in Canada!!Hope to hear back!!Keep on keepin on every1!!!Smiling


l live in Southwest Ontario, Windsor to be exact, lm looking to partner up with someone to learn the ropes in foreclosures,flipping, tax liens and deeds. Seeing that lm so close to Detroit someone from that area would be ideal as well. If your intrested let me know lm ready to go! nice meeting everyone as well.

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