Hey, every1 I want to invest in the phily area, lots of opportunities but need funds cant get a loan. Willing to split profit. Am also interested in NJ And delaware if the deal is right. Hey we should start our own PHILLY REI CLUB!!


>>>>NEVER give up, and know that the SKY is the LIMIT. We are OURSELVES worst enemy<<<

Lets work together

I am located in the reading area and would love to work with someone in my area. Email me a mayflower.williams@****


Are you willing to invest down here?


>>>>NEVER give up, and know that the SKY is the LIMIT. We are OURSELVES worst enemy<<<

ivanessa89 what is your


what is your strategy for investing? I am looking to assign deals or hold with lease options.

oppurtunity(lets make lots of $$)

hi evry1 i am out of the gate R.E investor much like sum of you! like my subject heading (which i took from an old Pet Shop Boys song) i am in the philly area n want 2 escape from the evryday RAT RACE which I'll call a job!!! If u like 2 break out of the prison which is workin 4 $$ than lets put it 2gether n get it done!! Remember: DONT TALK ABOUT IT B ABOUT IT!!! My email is Pkosoo33@****


philly contacts

hey all

i'm new to the forum, and to the real estate biz, but would like to meet up with people from the philly area who are looking to get moving. if anyone is looking to teach and to learn, and to help each other stay motivated while we amass our fortunes, please let me know.

i would really appreciate if those serious about making money contacted me.

thanks and be blessed...

hey guys

Its good that we are taking action, I was just looking at a proerty today and the realtor told me, philly was the best place to see good returns. I am just a bit frustruated since it seems that the good deals are located in not such a great areas.....South philly, what is the hype? Maybe one of you might now the better parts of South philly, because I have not. I am more towards NE and Montgomery/lansdale...not better returns but better living. I want to definetily buy low, rehab and hold, possibly do some lease options since I know how hard it is to get a loan.

How about everybody else?


>>>>NEVER give up, and know that the SKY is the LIMIT. We are OURSELVES worst enemy<<<

Partners needed

Cdoogie. I just saw your post even though it's old. You still trying to get your grind on or did you give up? I hope not. If you're still in the game drop me a line so we can compare notes. I'm trying to find a RE agent right now that is open to grinding with investors whether they're new or not.

Approved ALL 50 States

> 560 Credit score minimum (all three scores) - must have three scores
> 95% LTV Financing
> 5% Downpayment (sourced and seasoned minimum 30 days)
> Mortgage Insurance applies (if LTV is over 80%)
> FULL DOC only
> 50% DTI
> 2 Years continuous employment (change in industry OK)
> 2 Active Trade Line Requirement (0 x 30)
> NO prepayment penalties
> 30-year fixed financing
> Rates start at 7.4%
> No seasoning on flip properties with OFI contracts (title holder/seller must have title 90 days minimum)
> Gift Letter same as assets (not verified or transferred)
> MI applies and is tax deductible

Owner /Occupied Only
Single Family Only – Duplex’s at 90%
Job time – continuous 2 years, change in industry OK. (Less than 2 years – case by case)
Value range – 75k to 417K (above on a case by case basis)

Collections, Liens and Judgements – not over total aggregate of 5K (if exceeds, can be paid down to qualify level)
BK and Foreclosure – 24 months minimum
Mortgage – 0 x 24
Seller closing concessions not to exceed 3% below 600 score – above 600 up to 6%

When trying to determine monthly payment with the principle, interest, mortgage insurance, taxes and hazard insurance - multiply the loan amount x 1.3% for an approximate figure.
Ex. 100K X 1.3 = $1300 approx. (includes mortgage insurance, taxes, principle and hazard insurance)

Property Taxes and Hazard Insurance are escrowed


Alaskan Success,Inc

I am an in the Philly & South Jersey area

Hello everyone,

I have been working the Philly and South Jersey market not for over a year. I currently have inventory of GREAT deals in South Jersey if your interested send me a PM. I also have over 500 buyers on my Philly list looking for deals. Again send me a PM with what you have.


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Any type of properties in

Any type of properties in particular? I am a new investor but have been bird dogging to get some capital.

in the reading area.

i am new in real estate investing and would like to talk with you.

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