Just started, no buyer's list yet. Will pay 10% or $500.

Just started, no buyer's list yet. Will pay 10% or $500.

Hey All! Retired Marine here.

I am very aggressive, just finished reading PFRERN and have already found a few nice properties in nice areas. I am submitting ten offers this week in Cobb and Gwinnett Counties (Northern Atlanta suburbs). I'm looking for someone as aggressive and out of the box as I am. I'm putting my 24 hour message together as well as ordering my biz cards and have printed out most of the info from the site, BUT I'M READY TO MOVE FORWARD.

My goal is to "borrow" your Buyers. If you are ready to receive additional income from your previous efforts with little to no work required on your end, then here's my proposition.

Should any of these offers be accepted, I will contact you with the particulars. You let me know if you have a buyer/buyers that may be interested in the property and I'll send him/her/them the meat of the deal. Should the deal close, I will agree to pay you 10% of my profit or $500, whichever is more.

Example 1: the deal for a $300K home closes and I make $10K, you make $1K just for sending me to your buyer.
Your buyer loves you more because she got another fabulous deal from you.

Example 2: The deal on a $100K home closes and I make $3K, you make $500 not $300. You'll never make less than $500 when I close. Of course, your buyer loves you more because he got another fabulous deal from you.

Now please understand, this will only be for a short time until I have established my own network of buyers.
(but who knows, it could continue if we want it to)

Dean and Forum Monitors, Please let me know ASAP if this is do-able or if this steps outside of the forum guidelines.

I am a 23 years retired U.S. Marine Chief Warrant Officer 4 and a decorated Gulf War Vet and my integrity is my life. If I say it, I mean it and I've never let anyone down that trusted me yet.

I'll be closing real soon regardless but I'd rather have a team member(s) to share these first successes with than not.

A team will always outdo an individual. Ask Michael Jordan.

Reply if you have the buyers and are ready for more success (and money).

Semper Fi,


I Steal Good Ideas!

I think Steve has come up with a great idea to create a buyers list. I have always been a big fan of stealing someone else's great ideas, so...I will do the same deal that Steve is proposing. I am located in SW Florida in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area. If any of your buyers are interested in investing in this area you can refer them to me and I will pay you 10% or $500 for each deal that I close with one of your buyers. You can PM me or send me an e-mail at patrickfleming08@****.

Thanks for the great idea Steve!

You're Welcome

Thanks Patrick.

i (Jesus is the upper case I Am) really really believe in teamwork and if i have to split a larger percentage, then so be it. A little bit of something is better that ALL OF NOTHING! My Girlfriend is in Deerfield Beach and is researching tax liens (over the counter) in Florida so that we can put money into 18% returns instead of 1.5% at a bank. We're dual pronging and will teach other what we learn in our respective arenas.

Again, Integrity is Key! Your word must be your bond. Say it and mean it.

i'll close by saying this: Dean is the man! He offers so much more than he advertises which means that he is real and REALLY CARES! i bought my girlfriend the book(s) and she should be receiving them this week. She will read through but stay focused on the tax liens. She is being "familiarized" so that she can stay with me when I brief her on our successes! I've studied the leans as well to reciprocate.

Success and prosperity to you and yours and to the DG FAMILY!