May 11, 2009

On July 28, 2008, I was involved in a 43% Reduction In Force. I have very strong skills in my field as a Facility Manager and didn’t think that I would have trouble finding a good job. Wow, was I in for a rude awakening! When I started my job hunt, it became very clear just how bad the economy is. I posted my resume on all the major job boards, used recruiters, looked at the want ads, etc., etc. The end result is that I have not to this point been able to find work in my field. Due to this, I have been on unemployment insurance since then, which is $494 per week (with an additional $25 per week recently added due to the Stimulus Package). This doesn’t go very far, it barely keeps my wife and I going but does NOT provide enough money to make house payments or payments for health insurance (we have no health insurance).

In October of 2008, I purchased Dean’s book ‘Be A Real Estate Millionaire.’ I didn’t do anything with this. Then I saw another one of Dean’s infomercials and in February of 2009 purchased his book ‘Profit From Real Estate Right Now!’ Well, since I couldn’t afford to pay for the training then (or now), I didn’t do anything with either of these books until today, when I finally started reading his current book and I must conclude that this is fabulous! After seeing how Dean breaks down the process step by step it seems clear that I can do this and become financially independent the same as others that have used his methods.

My real motivation about doing this now is my current economic condition, which has gone from bad to worse. As you could probably conclude from my opening paragraph, my wife and I are now on the verge of losing everything we own. So I have two questions to ask the group:

1. Can I be successful with this just by reading the book? I would love to have a trainer but I just can’t afford it (unless there is a possibility of paying for the training after I have made a few sales. Is this possible?)

2. Is there anyone in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area who is successful and would be good-hearted enough to show me ‘the lay of the land’ to help me get started?

Here is hoping for everyone great success!

RETom 2009


Some ideas for your situation


Sorry to hear about your current situation. However, you made a great decison by buying Dean's book. It is packed with great information. The key through all this is to stay as positive as you can. You may want to put together a plan of action to get started. The most important thing to do is find a local real estate club in your area. Try to meet as many investors as you can and you may be able to find a local mentor. Also, these investors may become a partner with cash if you can locate a good real estate deal. If you find good deals and get them under contract, you should be able to find some partners with cash. Also, make a list of everyone you know, including your dentist, doctor, lawyer, friends ,family, neighbors, etc. Some of these people may have funds to invest and can be a partner on a good deal. Also, there is an abundance of information on the DG website. The more you are able to learn the more information you will have to take action. Good luck and Believe and Achieve! Smiling


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Sounds familiar : )

Hi, I recently relocated to NC (Sanford area) from MA. It was a huge change for my entire family and I also decided to get involved with DGs books and try my hand at REI. My family was also on the verge of bankruptcy (which precipitated the move south since my husband was about to lose his job...after losing his own company the summer before)We still have a house in MA that got turned over to the banks and times have taken a large financial toll on us as well.

Since I don't know many people down here, I'm still trying to network and find investor groups in my area to meet people and learn the ropes myself. Just wondering since it's been a few months since your post, how you're doing and if successful, what you did to achieve that success.

Thanks in advance,

I am in Ohio and would like

I am in Ohio and would like to team up with someone in the Charlotte, NC area. If you have experience and could help me get started I would love to partner up with you. I have a friend in Charlotte, so I do come down that way every couple of months or so. I would like to start with assignments and/or birddogging. Then move on up to buy and hold for monthly cash flow.



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