Anyone else located in Corona, CA?

Anyone else located in Corona, CA?

I'm just curious if anyone else is located in Corona, CA.? Would it be possible to network together or partner up, tag team, Investors club or any networking suggestions?



I'm about 45 minutes from you. I wouldn't mine strategizing with you. 5HEnterprises is in San Bernardino. We're suppose to be hooking up at a local REI club. Let me know...



Hey there and Hello!

Great! I have read some of both of your posts. It would be nice to get involved with a local REI club. I know a little about the San Berdo area. I have lived in and around Riverside for many years, Probably 20+.

I work in Riverside and live in Corona.

I am going to try and PM you so our conversation isn't in the public domain if that's OK?

20 Minutes away.

I would love to network with you or just have lunch.
Just send me an email. Located on my profile.
Im in Diamond Bar, but LA County.

Alright Then,

Great! Looks like we have a few in the surrounding area. I suppose the next best thing is to be able to find a good time for us to get together? It can be as simple as emails or in person. My funds are limited and tied up investing as we speak.

Last night, Sunday, May 17th, the light came on for me. It all came together and "GELLED" so to speak. It's my hope that things fall into place with a little effort and work on my part! Now I just have to SELL my vision to others. It seems very possible and probable to work. There is unlimited potential in my area for some KILLER DEALS. Funny thing is they are right under everyone's noses!

I'll explain more later after I get my little snowball rolling downhill...LOL! I hope my reality meets or exceeds my expectations! If it does, I owe it ALL to Dean Graziosi and his TEAM!


Hi all

I'm in Yucaipa area (San Bernardino County). I would like to network with local REI. I am very new to this. I have ordered the books and waiting to recieving them.

Check out

my coachella valley club. It's under clubs on the DG website or you can go to We hold meetings every 3rd Tuesday of the month. A few DG members attended our meeting this past Tuesday, so it's a great place to network with other DG members.

Press on...

in Victorville

Hello...My name is Michelle and I am in Victorville. I have attended REI meetings in Fontana and Rancho. I also attended a home auction in Riverside this past Sunday.

I would love to network with you and others in my area.