Looking for investors to work with in NJ

Looking for investors to work with in NJ

I am looking to work with Real Estate investors in New Jersey. I am looking to start by finding some properties and gathering the information and collecting a fee for my research. Also, I would like to become part of their rehab team if possible, so that I can get hands on experience of how the process works. Serious investors only please. Good luck to everyone!!


New Home For Sale in Vineland, NJ

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to any Investor in South Jersey. I'm wholsaling a 2-y/o new home in Vineland, NJ for $175,500. comps are $220,000 no work needed. You can get it for investing long-term by renting it out if you want cashflow coming in, or just to make money right now. Contact me right away if your interested, PM me & I'll send you more info on the property.....thanks!

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