anyone in illinois

anyone in illinois

looking for anyone from chicago or northwest suburbs to network with. by mid june or end of june i should have my corporation set up. looking to take the next step. maybe we can help eachother!




Hello KP,

I used to live in Glendale Heights when I went to UTI. I live in Davenport,IA. I have been wanting to go to CAREIA meetings. Have you been to one yet? If not maybe we could meet there.

We have a great club out here where we meet every other Tuesday at 7PM. The next meeting is next Tuesday. If you go you will have a great time. Call Greg Harmon for more info 309-737-8301.


Jake Greer


Quad City Real Estate Investors Association

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I live in Indiana and a few hours drive from the Chicago Loop. I hope you having been finding some deals and progressing with your real estate investing. Have you joined any local area investment clubs? Good luck on your future deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Nelson in Illinois

I live in the west Chicago suburbs. I've been going to the REI clubs here, and as you may know it's kind of hit or miss who you meet there. I am taste testing another one tonight. However, I've actually met most of my "real people" contacts (which isn't many) by going to open houses by rehabbers. PM me if you like.

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