Looking for Mentor/R.E. Investor in New Hampshire

Looking for Mentor/R.E. Investor in New Hampshire

Have been studying Dean's book and working with a great realtor. Finding real good killer deals. Am very motivated to suceed. PM me. Thank's Mike



Congratulations on getting Dean's book, it is packed with a bunch of great information. You may want to network at local investment club meetings. This is a great way to meet other investors and maybe find a seasonsed investor that can help mentor you. I also desired to find a mentor in the Midwest. After a while, I realized that Dean is my mentor. Anytime I need advice or to feel motivated I watch the on-line videos or pick up one of his books. This has helped me continue the journey and given us inspiration to be where we are today. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Hello Mike! I'm from Southern NH, I just shot you a PM.


My apologies I think I PM'd you twice, if so please disregard 2nd copy. I hope we can network soon. Smiling


Thanks Joe I appreciate the inspiration. Can't wait to get started. I just need that first deal to motivate me! Thanks again


There seems to be a problem w/ PM services lately. I tried messaging you a few days ago in response to your 1st posting. So I'll just go ahead and leave you a message right here. Smiling

I am currently located in the Bedford/Merrimack area of NH. I am certainly not a mentor, but I am motivated in my pursuit of REI. I read 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now' almost a week ago and am currently working on implementation.

I haven't yet found a RE Agent/Realtor to work w/ but I do have a mortgage broker who I'm working w/ from NYC. I haven't found any properties to lock up yet, but I do have a buyer looking to move toward the Lebanon area in the next 6 months. I'm currently working to further extend my list of buyers/investors.

I'm young and driven, but still in the infant stages of my REI career. I don't have much experience to bring to the table, but I am determined and hard working. I certainly want to expand my network.

If you are ever interested in working together or simply discussing deals in the NH area, by all means let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!Smiling


Rel Estate Investing in N.H.

Hi Mike that's great your from that area. I work on forklifts for the post office on celina ave. and always in Nashua. I'm driven also but confused as to where to start. Would like to meet up and talk ideas with you. If you wan't you could call me on my cell and we could yak. 978-360-6167 thank's Mike Marini


Excellent. Coincidently, I worked as a clerk for the PO at Goffs Falls Rd in Manchester, a few years back, on a casual contract. I also used to drive fork truck for Summit Packaging Systems in Manchester, a few years back.

I am now with the NH Army National Guard, 372nd Signal Co., out of Manchester. I still do some trade industry work (construction, demolition, landscaping, hardscaping, etc.), from time to time, but am currently pursuing REI as a career.

I just met w/ a Realtor yesterday, from Amherst, who is willing and seems eager to work together. I'm focused mainly on marketing for potential buyers and other investors at this point. Its been difficult as I'm not in a good financial situation, so I'm working on free marketing techniques.

I also joined a REI club in Bedford, sadly, I missed this months meeting, but will definitely be attending next month. I would love to have another local Investor to work w/ or at least bounce ideas off of. So I'm glad your interested in speaking further.

What shift do you work? Or what times are ideal for you? As I said, I am "working" on a very part time basis. I try to treat REI as my "job." Thus, I have plenty of time to meet/speak w/ other investors. Just let me know when you have free time.

You can give me a call if you'd like, (603)714-9722. I hope we can speak soon,

Thanks and good luck!
-Mike Hutchins

New England REI

I started a group for REI's from New England, check it out:

Thanks and good luck! Smiling