someone plz help desperate for the books

someone plz help desperate for the books

hi my name is ismael and i come from a very poor family. i have no job and i dont even have a dime in my pocket. im really interested in real estate but i cant buy deans books because i dont even have money to purchase them. i know its sad but like i said im very way below average and theres not much i can do about that. anyways i came here for a miricale and hopefully someone can help me by sending me deans books that someone already used. like if your already making money by using deans books that you ordered and your not using his books anymore can you plz private message me and let me know if i can have them. im asking anyone out there who can plz help me, and help me make a difference in my life. thanks for your time!!


ismael soto


Hi Ismael,

Did you get the books yet? Please forgive my ignorance but you stated that you came here for a minicale, what is a minicale?


I see your original post was from August. I am sorry that sometimes, depending on time of day, posts go unread and get buried in the forums. I'm glad somehow NB Goodman brought it up again. If you see this - send me a pm message with your info. I have extra copies of the books and will be happy to share them with you!

commissions to realtor

Matt Larson doesn't say in his story, but what percentage of a sale does he give to the realtor that provides the leads for him?
Thanks Jim Rohrer


Anybody in the Bronx, New York area? I would like some guidance into the world of investing. I am still waiting for my books to arrive. I am anxious to jump in.

Ismael, So sorry about your


So sorry about your situation but you should use this as a source of motivation.

Unless or until someone gives you a book, I would suggest you going to a Barnes & Noble or Borders, grabbing his books, finding a chair and enjoy his writings when you can. If time is an issue, place the books in an area where only you know and continue.

sorry everyone

yes i did receive the books about 4-5 months ago from a very good friend i met here, his name is jay im sure everyone has heard of him, anyways im sorry if anyone receiver this post late.....thank everyone for being so kind the DG family is the best....wish everyone the best of luck.

p.s if anyone does has deans new book or a copy if it, i would greatly appreciate if you would kindly send me one. so if your willing to help PM me thank you everyone so much....


ismael soto

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