Looking for NJ beach home investor- $700K house - $350K owed

Looking for NJ beach home investor- $700K house - $350K owed

I have a distant family member who has fallen on hard times and is about to lose their vacation home to an auction on Sept 15th. The house in this market would sell for around $700K. It's a few houses from the ocean and in IMPECCABLE condition. In a good market the home sold for $1,000,000. They tried desperately to come up with the $60K to satisfy the bank but can't raise the money.
Since the house will be sold at auction on Sept 15th, I wondered if anyone was interested in somehow purchasing it from them QUICKLY. They owe $350K on it in total.
I know that they are devastated but I also thought that perhaps this would be a way to give them cash and not have it a total loss.
Anyone have any thoughts about this?


I'm praying that God will find a way when there seems to be no way.


My God will supply all my needs.....