Need Joint Venture investor - Urgent

Need Joint Venture investor - Urgent

Have joined the academy in August 09 and still have to do my first deal.
I am in Murrieta, CA. The market is crazy: multiple offers on everything, Short sales taking months for responses, no fixers because banks are fixing here.
So, I am turning to trustee sales.
Found great opportunities with 20% built in net profit, in a 60 day flip.
Only caveat I need to show up with 300K in cash at auction.
Anybody interested in splitting profit?
please send me message with interest, recommendation and/or contacts.



Tampa FL. Investing Partner Wanted

I am looking for an investing partner in the Tampa Fl area. I am an experienced realtor/investor,(check my profile)and I see many deals every day that we could do together and make great money.

Send me an email and let's start NOW!