Tampa/Orlando Investing Partner(s) Wanted !

Tampa/Orlando Investing Partner(s) Wanted !

I am looking for an investing partner in the Tampa/Orlando Fl area. I am an experienced realtor/investor,(check my profile) and I see many deals every day that we could do together and make great money.

Send me an email and let's start NOW!


I just missed you!

I recently moved back to Texas from florida! I was there for FSU (Full Sail University) located in Orlando. Things didnt work out financially so Im back here.

You're right though, there are definitely lots of opportunities for REI out there. Tampa Especially. I was there filming a project and the beach was beautiful!

I know that was irrelovant but I just miss the beach. I wish you the best and if im ever back out there and investing in the area maybe we'll run into eachother and have some killer deals Eye-wink!

Again, Best wishes to you!


Tracy Lynn

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I'd love to hear from you. Smiling


New Academy Student(s) in Tampa


We are new students in Dean's academy and live in the Tampa / Brandon area. We too are looking for other like minded individual(s) to network and run with. If you'd like to get work together and make some deals happen, I'd love to hear from you or anyone else who wants to learn this with us. Send me a PM.

Talk to you soon!


I am also new to the Tampa REI scene and looking for people to work with and brainstorm with. If interested, please PM me!